10 March – Work night

A lovely, relaxed and fun evening at Trimpley Hall trying out some of the techniques we learnt from Rob Leckey last week.  Here is one of Karen Hotchkiss’ paintings in-the-making in collage and acrylics. Lots more work to do yet! Come back in a week or so to see how it is progressing.


3 MARCH – An evening with artist Rob Leckey

KAS enjoyed a wonderful evening with guest artist Rob Leckey. He Rob Leckey, Artistshowed us how he created his paintings, the techniques he employs and the various mediums he uses, and not a brush in sight!  Rob uses a variety of tools to apply paint, ink and oil pastels to his paintings using pieces of stick, credit cards, cardboard and anything else he can make a mark with. The painting literally evolved before our eyes.

Thanks Rob for coming to Kidderminster Art Society and entertaining and educating us!