Appraisal Evening with Jim McIntyre (BWS)


More beautiful and interesting paintings were brought to Trimpley Village Hall for the appraisal evening on Thursday 27th March .  


Clare Spencer introduced Jim McIntyre our appraiser for the evening and provided us with a surprising synopsis of Jim’s life and work. He is no stranger to the society and as a ‘life coast-13member’ he has sat on the committee and provided great support for the society for many years. He provided a very thorough and insightful appraisal of each painting offering coast-12praise and constructive criticism to help the artist with their work.

The works of art submitted by members, as always, were of a high coast-11standard and a good range of subjects based on the theme for the month which was ‘Coast’ .

I have taken a few photos of some of the painting but would coast-9love to hear from other members with any contributions for this post or for other pages. We need more images of the coast-8societies activities and the art work produced by members so please send in your comments,. Thanks:  Kathi Burrell

Please send your thoughts, ideas and pictures to Kathi Burrell at or to  Karen Hotchkiss  at






Head Land
Head Land