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2018 August – Members art

On Thursday 30th August, members brought in a selection of their work from appraisal by artist and art teacher John Bodley. There was a wide variety of media, styles and subject matter for John to take a look at.

It turned into an entertaining evening with lots of input. John was very kind and thoughtful with his comments and the members benefitted from his knowledge and suggestions. Thanks for coming John!



May 2015 roundup

MAY  – Medium of the month is PASTELS

  • 7th May – Demonstration by Claire Spencer, RBSA. Do come along and support Claire, she is very talented.
  • 14th May – Work night with Models, Figure Drawing.  Lucy Jolly will be running this work night.  There will be two models for you (Clothed) and you will need to bring along A3 drawing pad, Pencils, eraser and ruler. Please don’t bring charcoal or pastels or any paints. This night will be about the proportions of the body and how to get this accurately down on paper.
  • 21st May – Work night.  This week will be run by Lesley Connolly. There will be some Pastels for you to try but if you have your own then please bring them along with you.

28th May – Appraisal night with Rod Edwards. Bring along your work for appraisal. If you are new to this medium, then bring along what you have done, it does not have to be a piece of finished work, it could just be techniques and colour combinations you have tried in pastel.

April 2015 roundup

16th April – The demo by Peter Horrocks on 16th April was a great night with lots of information on using earth pigments, which peter demonstrated with great skill. His work was very different to what was expected and most people went away with lots of ideas. There are some photos on our Facebook page for you.

23rd April – Although not many members came to the sale of art material, those that did either bought something that was a bargain or sold items that they no longer wanted. We all enjoyed some nibbles and a cup of tea while having a nice  evening in good company.

30th April  – The Spring Trophy Night was a great success with lots of high standard entries. We all enjoyed the buffet while trying to deliberate our casting vote.

The votes were counted and the winners are:

1st …….Karen Hotchkiss

2nd……Claire Spencer

3rd…….Dave Worn


More photos on Facebook for you 

Spring Trophy 24 April

A great evening was had by all who attended the Kidderminster Art Society Social evening and Spring Trophy Award tonight.

Many thanks go to those who provided the buffet and drinks and to all those who put a painting in for the Spring Trophy Award.

Sring Trophy Winners

Lesley Winner

The worthy winner was
Lesley Connolly.
David Spurrier and Pam French were the runners up.

Everyone who attended the evening had an opportunity to vote for their 3 favourite paintings; but it was by no means an easy task to choose, as there was so much talent on show!

 Double Trouble  David Spurrier  Violin


Appraisal Evening with Jim McIntyre (BWS)


More beautiful and interesting paintings were brought to Trimpley Village Hall for the appraisal evening on Thursday 27th March .  


Clare Spencer introduced Jim McIntyre our appraiser for the evening and provided us with a surprising synopsis of Jim’s life and work. He is no stranger to the society and as a ‘life coast-13member’ he has sat on the committee and provided great support for the society for many years. He provided a very thorough and insightful appraisal of each painting offering coast-12praise and constructive criticism to help the artist with their work.

The works of art submitted by members, as always, were of a high coast-11standard and a good range of subjects based on the theme for the month which was ‘Coast’ .

I have taken a few photos of some of the painting but would coast-9love to hear from other members with any contributions for this post or for other pages. We need more images of the coast-8societies activities and the art work produced by members so please send in your comments,. Thanks:  Kathi Burrell

Please send your thoughts, ideas and pictures to Kathi Burrell at or to  Karen Hotchkiss  at






Head Land
Head Land



Appraisal Night on 27 March

The next meeting of the Kidderminster Art Society will be on Thursday 27th March 2014. To be held at Trimpley Village Hall at 7.15 pm.

We look forward to welcoming Jim McIntyre (BWS) for our monthly appraisal on the subject of The Coastline.

For the uninitiated; every month we invite a guest to critique any works that members have been doing during the month. The painting can be in any medium and each month there is a different theme.  These evenings are generally very well attended and guests are welcome to come along.

The Theme for April will be ” A Social Event”

For full list of meetings see the drop down menu What’s On, or click here